Trekker Pro Arte 1398.00 €


The Trekker Pro Arte is an elegant design saddle. Shorter flaps than in the Ultimate Luxury.

The seat is as spacious and comfortably soft as in all the Trekkers and adjustable between 16–18.5".VIDEO


The Trekker is easy to fit because the structure is flexible between the pommel and the cantle.
The saddle adapts under the rider's weight to the horse's shape.
It allows the horse to round his back, bend and move freely. 

Because of the adjustable pommel width and the flexible structure between the pommel and the cantle,
every Trekker suits big horses as well as ponies, Arabs etc. 

The panel length is alternatively 42.5 cm / 45.5 cm.
You can adjust the position of the softly padded panels yourself.

You can adjust the seat yourself between 16”–18.5” VIDEO 

You can adjust the pommel width between 26–36 cm by turning the horizontal part in the middle of the pommel. VIDEO1 and VIDEO 2 
All the Trekkers suit horses of different widths and types from narrow to table-top.

No special pad is usually needed with a Trekker saddle.

Colours: Black / Two-coloured Black+Brown. Other colours on request. 

You can adjust the pommel width between 26–36 cm by winding the part in the middle of the pommel. VIDEO VIDEO 2

All the Trekkers have five D rings around the cantle.

The Trekker Pro Arte has luxurious, soft knee blocks.

Made of Italian and German top quality leather.
Underside is of Italian quality Cordura that makes the saddle light and easy to care for.

Elegant, carefully designed details. Short, lightweight and compact.


A stunning, timeless design.  

The Trekker saddles have a soft and safe seat.
Suede and customized colours are available at request.

All the Trekkers have a tall, safe, softly padded cantle.

The Trekker is always a safe and ecological choice:

All the materials are European and are handled according to E.U. legislation,
with respect to the environment and workers' rights.

European design saddles of top quality:

All the Trekkers are handcrafted in the E.U by master artisans.

Trekker – the saddle of my life. 

Photos of the Trekker Pro Arte

Video 1

Video 2

More information about the models

In order to protect your saddle and to keep it in good condition,
please do not grab the horizontal bar in the middle of the pommel
when mounting your horse or carrying the saddle.

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